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Dreaming of Sex

I dreamt about my ex does that mean I want her back?

It is very common to have sex dreams, and completely normal whether you are in a relationship or not. You might miss her because it was just different, or the sex was great, or you loved her body, or just because.

Don’t overthink it, because your mind and body are free to do whatever you want and you remember the good times right?

Dreaming of your ex
Dreaming about a guy

Dreaming about sex with a guy – does that make me gay?

Here is a little secret. There is no such thing as ‘gay’. No-one is 100% in to one sex, we are all somewhere on the spectrum and its ok. It is ok to dream about another man, Does not mean you are suddenly in the closet or gay, it just means this is a part of life you have not investigated that your brain might want to. It is ok to find other men attractive.

Getting Kinky

When your dreams get weird

You still prefer boobs right? Check here..

When the pendulum swings (or her pendulums) and you stop wanting to look at boobs, and prefer balls, thats when you might want to re-evaluate. I think the dreaming about having some form of sex with a man could be because it is new, different, about someone you fancy, and you can get to live out a fantasy without actually changing anything in your life.

Do you still prefer boobs
Am I a pervert

I dreamt about doing sex acts I don’t normally do/have am I a pervert?

No. Living out a fantasy is letting the libido run wild and free, and that is not a bad thing. Maybe you should look at mixing it up a bit if you are in a relationship if it is something you both want to try. Don’t ever force/surprise anything on your partner, anything you do has to be something you both 100% agree to.

Take it up a notch

Naughty & Nice

I dreamt about sex in a weird place am I too boring?

Well there is a lot to say about trying new things, but forget swimming pools and in the street. Those things are going to get you thrown out/banned/convicted. If you want to explore a little, have the conversation with your partner and ask if she fancies going somewhere off the beaten track for a little fun.

Sex in weird places
Sex outdoors


Trying in the middle of nowhere in the car and could lead you both to not get anywhere as all you can imagine are werewolves and murderers gathering around the car. Middle of the night field would work, as a long as you are alone and can check you are not about to be eaten (or only in a good way)…

When is the good bit?

Come on !

Wet Dream

Do you actually cum in a dream? Yep, it happens and this, if you think about it, is what all the tantric sex is all about as you can cum without even touching yourself. Wow.

Well done you, and you know you can try it when you are awake, imagining the sensations and feel the pulsations as a full hands-free affair (in the privacy of your own home)

Wet dream
Sex is in the mind
Anticipation of sex

Sex is in the mind

It’s weird because a lot of the time in the dream you never get to the actual sex, the actual penetration bit, but the dream lingers on the kissing, the foreplay, the undressing.

It can go on forever, like the longest tease in history, come on come on, take your top off, come on come on, why am I standing here not getting down to it immediately?

And then boom, game over, dream ends. Why? I guess because the anticipation, the foreplay, thats the really sexy bit.

 Like a present, the excitement is about what is going to happen, not what actually happens, and we forget its not the destination but the journey. True in life, true in sex dreams.



So what does a sex dream mean?

You want more sex. Duh. Yes I think we got this. You dream of sex when you are horny. But also when you are not. Fever brings the weirdest dreams including of sex and all sorts of weirdness.

I guess the takeaway is that all dreams, no matter of who, and what you do, are ok. They are just dreams and your mind wanted to wander and explore and it can do so without upsetting anyone or causing any harm.

Plus, I think it may be physical, as a release, and unload (literally) but that feeling of post-coital bliss you get happens after a sex dream in the same way it does in real life.

Now, get yourself off to bed and see if you can get yourself in to a naughty dream and enjoy that feeling of waking up and feeling satisfied and refreshed. 

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