Sex Toys For Men

The Ultimate Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide to Sex toys for men…ever. In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about the best male sex toys so you can buy the best sexual experience of your life.

This guide will take you through the choices, features and styles of sex toys for men so you can buy the best male sex toys first time. Avoid disappointment, wasting time searching and throwing your money away. The question is: what is out there to take your sexual pleasure to the next level? Well, that’s where this ultimate guide comes into play.

Sex Toys for Men Ultimate Guide


Sex Toys for Men - The What

Chapter 1

Sex Toys for Men – the ‘what’

Sex Doll

Chapter 2

Sex Dolls

cock ring

Chapter 3

Cock Ring

prostate massage

Chapter 4

Prostate Massage

Pocket Pussy

Chapter 5

Pocket Pussy

Male Masturbators

Chapter 6

Male Masturbators

Penis Extenders

Chapter 7

Penis Extenders

Male Vibrators

Chapter 8

Male Vibrators

Realistic Vaginas

Chapter 9

Realistic Vaginas

Realistic Butts

Chapter 10

Realistic Butts

Penis Pump

Chapter 11

Penis Pumps

Blow Job Toys

Chapter 12

Blow Job Toys

Care and Maintenance

Chapter 13

Care and Maintenance


Chapter 14



Sex Toys for Men – the ‘what’

Sex toys for men are devices that assists you to orgasm or enhances your pleasure to orgasm.

The devices emulate sex, blow jobs or masturbation, some create completely different sensations.

They aim to be as good if not better than the real thing, and enhance every sexual experience you have. We look at the best male sex toys for men here.


Sex Toys for Men - The What

Women have had the best of it for a good while. They have had toys on tap, everything aimed toward the female market. Over the last 20 years things have been changing as the male toy market really exploded (some pun intended). Toy manufacturers have been developing toward men’s needs and producing toys that have become state-of the art.

 Would you believe the toy market is estimated to be about 60:40 now men:women?

LoveHoney say male sex toys have increased by 1000% over the last 10 years, and us men have woken up to toys to enhance our own pleasure.

The image of male sex toys in the days of old were not great. They were crude and almost sort of desperate. Adverts in mens magazines and sex shop retailers being the only way to reach out, most of us were not consumers. Now things are very different with technology of design, materials, user needs and pleasure being very much at the forefront for men’s toys in 2022.

Add in the openness of a sexual revolution where toys for both men and women have become mainstream and you have access to a whole market that did not exist a generation ago. Toys are great quality made of superb materials, there are huge amounts of choice, and every new product pushes up the thrill level further.

Adverts on mainstream TV show us that the toy market is for everyone, all ages, all persuasions, and that we can embrace whatever we like. You might be a pervert, but it’s ok, as it turns out, we all are.

The BBC reckon that across the pond in the US, 50% of men use toys, and around 65% of women. Italy can beat that with 70% of men and women using toys. Living the ‘vita sexy over’ there.

Around 70% of toy buyers say they consider themselves ‘in a relationship’ so the market and men have changed. Men buy toys and use them whether they are having sex or not. Just like women. Welcome to the new normal.

Men take care of their needs when single, in a relationship and use toys with their partner as something to share, or to use in a solo capacity.

Enhancement of men’s sexual pleasure in 2022 is where we are all at. Take part and enjoy the new normal of better sex, whether in relationship or not.

Lets face things, being in a relationship can bring you as much sex as if you were single. When you want or need more, why not make ‘my time’ better? Treat it as it should be treated. Precious. Essential. Your mental health, sanity and ultimately your relationship may depend on it!

 The sensations you can experience using sex toys for men are different to what you may have experienced before from yours or your partners hand, mouth or sex. Male sex toys can tickle places you have not had tickled before due to their tightness, ribbing or suction. You can use them as a substitute for your hand as a wank aid or you can get more adventorous and actively fuck it whilst watching something to complete the fantasy of a mouth or vagina of the person you are watching on screen.

 Sex toys for men take the mundane ‘one off the wrist’ to an experience where you are going to achieve mind-blowing stimulation, sensations, and taking your time, allow you to have the best orgasms ever. You are going to be coming hard with full sensation to the point where after the event you are going to be properly spent. A full couple of hours afterwards you are going to be feeling the inner orgasm tingles, enjoying the experience with little pleasure sparks going off. Using male sex toys in the right way, you are going to get as close to women having multiple orgasms as I think it is possible to get.

 It can be difficult in a relationship to get the sexual experience you want. Marriage and children seem to be the two things that change things forever with quantity, quality and adventure in the bedroom. I think men want more sex than women (in general) and are left with a need that their partner is not meeting. This is not relationship counseling #101, but having something to fall back on that blows your mind and your cock is going to help.

 Like women’s sex toys, there is plenty to keep it fresh for men now, where you can have something different each time you need it. No longer are you confined to one way of doing things, you can experience a superwank, a blowjob with you in control of how long, how hard, how fast and sex where its tight and creates sensations where you might be missing them right now in the bedroom.

 What will my partner think? The context of where a male toy sits is right next to a female one. The vibrator became mainstream about 30 years ago, and male toys are getting there. A woman wanting it her way is no different to a man wanting the same and male sex toys provide the same thing vibrators do for women. But for men it is a visual thing. We need to see the mouth, or the vagina, or the ass as it makes it feel real. Women use their vibrators as a tool, and close their eyes, they are not interested in looking at their latest love wand, it is what it does that matters. For men it is more complex. Men need to see it. Men need to see the cock pushing the lips apart in mouth or vagina, and fucking it is dependent on that realistic sensation. Luckily technology has caught up and the feel, design, sensation, quality, realism is all there for an everyman price.

 There are plenty of choices of sex toys for men out there, which one is right for you depends on the job you want to do with it.

Don’t underestimate the power of ‘naughty’ with sex toys either as when it feels naughty it heightens pleasure. It is not that it is wrong, but that it is not run of the mill. You can experience a variety of naughty feelings and the arrival of a new fleshlight, pocket pussy, masturbator, vagina or blow job toy can bring a level of anticipation and excitement you may not have felt for a long long while.

I have broken down the types of sex toys for men in to in to fleshlight, sex doll, cock ring, prostate massager, pocket pussy, male masturbator, penis extender & sleevs, male vibrator, realistic vagina, realistic butt, penis pump, and blow job toys.

 The breakdown is to create some easy-to-see categories of the best male sex toys based on their different functions. Let’s understand everything you need to know about how to buy the best sex toys for men, so you can avoid wasting your time, your money, and signpost you to the best of the best.

chapter 2:

Sex Dolls – Sex Toys For Men

If you have not seen this market in a while, you are going to be pleasantly surprised.

To say the world has moved on is the biggest understatement of the century when you look at the sex doll market in 2022.

The market of blow-up sex dolls is purely for stag do’s to take around whatever the latest stag do trendy city is. These are so 1970.

Realistic sex  dolls await…

Sex Dolls

The choice, the quality, the materials, the technology and the budget range mean you can now buy an amazing sex doll. Let’s have a look at the choices in detail.

The choice is huge now. The market has a multitude of manufacturers and they are producing exceptional quality dolls. The competitive market means that prices are now in most people’s affordability bracket.

You can buy dolls from 140cm upwards to 180cm in the UK which is just over 4 Ft 7 to nearly 5Ft 11. There are specific categories of lightweight versions and that should be a real consideration when buying.

You can buy female and male dolls made that, anatomy aside, are made in the same way so there is something of equal quality for men and women, gay or straight. As I say there is an enormous choice of quality for all tastes. We have never had it so good.

There are weight categories of super light, light, medium and heavy.

There are lighter category dolls up to around 26Kg, light up to 36Kg, Medium up to 46Kg and then heavy is 46Kg+. You might like the larger lady, just be aware that you may need storage space close by, and on the ground as opposed to lifting up and around.

Silicone sex dolls like the below are extraordinarily lifelike and you can fulfil your every fantasy. They are extremely good value, perhaps not what you might call a cheap sex doll, but then you get what you pay for in this world right?

Sex Doll - Under 26Kg

Sex Doll – Under 26Kg

Sex Doll - 27-36Kg

Sex Doll – 27-36Kg

Sex Doll - 37-46Kg

Sex Doll – 37-46Kg

Sex Doll - Over 46Kg

Sex Doll – Over 46Kg

Size and weight of sex dolls are real key considerations as you a) need to be able to lift and manipulate your doll from storage to action and b) have enough energy to actually enjoy then clean and put it away. The larger dolls are completely lifelike and due to their human proportions, you will need a larger space to be put in and think about (if you want to keep this a secret), a large space that is accessible.

Have a really good think through about where you are going to store your doll, away from prying eyes but accessible enough to use when you want to. If you are now visually going through your bedroom, then to other rooms in the house trying to think where your doll could live, welcome to the club. 

When it comes to the feel, the dolls now all have realistic skin, technology has really moved on in this regard as the most important change to the sex doll market. The dolls have skin that is spring, elastic and provides resistance. As well as looking more natural, it feels more natural, and allows your experience to be that much closer to the real thing.

Sex dolls have lifelike hair, eyes, lips and makeup that make them ultra realistic. 

You can often buy extra features like a whole different head, or add another wig style to provide you with more possibilities with the same doll. Save the experience (if it can) from getting too samey.

The technology is now there to provide AI functionality. This is a game changer and surprisingly affordable too. The AI element allows dolls to talk to you with lip and head movement. Apps can assist with even more, allowing different personalities to be added so you could swap heads, faces, hair and the user profile to experience different doll sex. Next, add in the senses where your doll can ‘feel’ you and your actions and respond with words and moaning in synchronisation to you making this at least as good as the real thing in a lot of cases.

The technology continues to evolve with the fully robotic women coming (excuse the pun). The development is there because the market is there to buy them. WIll the time come when we see fully walking, talking AI dolls out there? You bet, and sooner than you might think. If you thought it wouldn’t happen in your lifetime, I would wager you are actually looking at ten years from now. 

Ten reasons to invest in a sex doll

  1. Your doll is always horny. They never say no.
  2. They want to do whatever you want. You are in charge.
  3. They are realistic enough to perform your fantasies. Fantasies feel amazing.
  4. A doll is perfect and does not age. Always looks and feels perfect.
  5. Dolls go as long as you want to. No-one is disappointed.
  6. You can have different heads and looks. New person sex.
  7. Bodies are your dream shape. No compromises – get 100% configuration to match your idea of perfect.
  8. No breakups to stop the sex. They are your companion for life.
  9. There is as much foreplay as you want. Every time.
  10. Your relationship can be about something other than sex. You will be less sexually frustrated making your relationship work better.

So what do these sex dolls feel like? 

The texture of the skin, the beauty of the lips, the weight and elasticity of the boobs, the springback of the skin, the wobble of that ass, the soft opening of the pussy.

It could be argued that before you have even got started you have your fantasy as you wanted it so you are fully turned on.

There is the taboo nature of the toys that can add a ‘naughty’ feel to using them so it increases the thrill.

How does a sex doll’s mouth feel?

The mouths are clever in that they have a tightness to them and not fully opened. So you have to open the mouth to be able to put your willy in and therefore there is a tightness when the mouth closes back around your willy. As you push deeper, there is a pattern inside to stimulate your willy as you go in and out.

You are going to need quite a bit of lube to allow you to slide in and out and stimulate you, and keep things slippy. Some of the oral models have tongues but they don’t work anything like the best blow jobs when you get a tongue circled round your willy inside their mouth.

So you get a blow job where you are in control. It also means that you do all of the work, that is the compromise. How close is it to a real blow job? I would say it is pretty close, better than a crap blow job, but not as good as a really good one. 

How does a sex doll’s pussy feel? Fucking a sex doll…

The pussies come in multiple designs. You might want the outer labia lips to be longer or all tucked in inside. Your choice. You might want the pussy to have hair or be bald. Again it is your choice and you can order it as you want.

You can have sex in any position you want to, modelling the doll to whatever you want – missionary, doggystyle or anything weird and wonderful. The pussy requires plenty of lube to use, and has patterns inside the pussy that stimulate the willy as you slide in and out. The pussy is going to feel tighter than you are probably used to, but still soft and comfortable. There are all sorts of different patterns, some moulded on porn stars so you can feel what it is like to be inside them!

Because you have the rest of the body to hold on to you are going to feel like you are having real sex with a real woman. The skin feel, the wobbling boobs and bum are going to be turning you on as you pound away.

How does a sex doll’s ass feel?

Due to the weight and the jelly makeup of the ass, you are going to get a pert rump, shaped and sized on your order obviously. The feel pushing in to it is exquisite and the fact that it is both pert and wobbly (in a good way) should have you in seventh heaven.

How does a sex doll’s boobs feel?

You can go to town on the boobs, as you can order anything from a pretty much flat-chested A cup to an absolutely enormous P cup.

The skin, weight and feel mean when you hold them they are like the real thing, and they swing like the real thing but more pert. You can watch and play with her boobs in missionary, doggystyle or when having a blow job and finish on her boobs if you want to. It’s always up to you.

There is even an option to have pussy nipples that you can insert your willy in to, or pussy breasts that have vaginas built in to the boobs to use for a more literal boob sex.

How does a sex doll’s ass feel?

The ass has soft feel and pert and weighty, and like the rest of the doll you can have whatever shape floats your boat from super athletic skinny to the biggest of Big Beautiful Women size behinds. Grabbing it whilst on top or pounding it from behind, it is going to react like a fantasy ass.

Now if you want anal, the dolls offer you anal whenever you want. Lube is essential and you are going to have a tighter fit as you would want and expect.

How much maintenance does a sex doll take?

So stuff goes in, stuff needs to come out right? Fluids wise, she is going to need a clean-up after each session but it is relatively straightforward and just involves a rinse of the orifice used with some warm soapy water.

Space a bit more limited or not quite ready to dip your ‘toe’ in to the full sex doll market? Enter the more discreet contenders for your new sexual universe. 

You can buy smaller and lighter than the full sex dolls by looking for the ‘bits’ that turn you on. That might be the boobs and vagina in a small torso:

Sex Doll Torso Missionary Position

Sex Doll Torso Missionary Position

Sex Doll Torso Missionary Position Vibrating

Sex Doll Torso Missionary Position Vibrating

And missionary position just the vagina and ass:

Vagina and Ass Doll Missionary Position

Vagina and Ass Doll Missionary Position

Or you might want the vagina and ass bent over as a mini toy in doggystyle:

Vagina and Ass Doll Doggystyle Position

Vagina and Ass Doll Doggystyle Position

Vagina and Ass Doll Doggystyle Position Vibrating

Vagina and Ass Doll Doggystyle Position Vibrating

So you are missing the full doll head, legs and arms and cutting down on size and weight in the process. So this style of female sex dolls stop at the boobs down to the vagina and a bit of the legs (that have the boobs) or just vagina and bum with a tiny bit of the legs. Either design, you only get what you need. For cutdown male sex doll you can get the cock, balls and ass in the same way.

The quality of these smaller and mini torsos is comparable with the full size sex dolls only with reduced size, effort, cost and somewhat easier to manage.

So sometimes good things do cum in smaller packages. You want something extra? Put a vibrating bullet in. Some come with the option to insert a small bullet sized vibrator into the toy to add a vibration sensation. This is more a pleasure than a realism thing as I have never known any girl actually vibrate on their own.

These toys allow you to tick alot of the boxes of a full size sex doll, and hopefully solve the space/secret barriers to owning toys. You can try oral, vaginal or anal and have what you want when you want it in a handy package that can be stored away from prying eyes.

chapter 3:

Cock Ring – Sex Toys For Men

Have you ever seen a cock ring in porn, or on adverts and wondered what on earth that is for?


cock ring

The use of one can either be for medical or pleasure reasons. By medical we are talking about erectile dysfunction and a cock ring is placed on to the cock once made erect with a vacuum pump to maintain the erection.

The cock ring is one of the easiest toys to use as it requires no preparation and just works; it just slips over your cock as you become erect and roll it down to the base of your cock.

For pleasure, the cock ring can be used whether you are having sex or masturbating as it can help you delay an orgasm and make the cock harder to create more pleasure for your partner. The cock ring also creates a stimulation and pressure to the cock for the user that helps the orgasm become more of an internal full body experience.

Doughnut cock ring

Doughnut cock ring

You can add a vibrating element to the ring and that will add a buzz stimulation to you and your partner as you experience harder cock sex for longer, with extra sensations adding a little extra sparkle to your performance.  

Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating Cock Ring

Many of the cock rings come with a testicle ring to add an extra dimension to the male orgasm. The testicle ring is designed to slip over your testicles which holds them and stops them from shrinking back toward the body at the point of orgasm. By doing this you are able to stop painful retraction of balls if this is something you suffer from, but can also create another pleasure sensation for the user.

If you want to find the top of the range remote controlled pleasure, you can opt for a cock ring that your partner can control from their app. Create your own patters of vibration, just how you like it, from near or afar.

Remote Control Cock Ring

Remote Control Cock Ring

The rings come in different sizes and materials to suit your comfort and experience; the fixed ones may need to be put on flacid and you will need to get the right size first time.

Most guidance advises no more than 30 minutes usage time due to the restricted blood flow, so play it safe at all times.

chapter 4:

Prostate Massage – Sex Toys For Men

OK, what is it and why do you care?

It is the male G-spot, and because the right stimulation will give you full body orgasms.

Ready? Why not….

prostate massage

The prostate sits a couple of inches past the rectum and is incredibly sensitive to stimulation. Some lube and the right size and shaped toy will make finding it and getting the best from it a breeze. You will know when you find it.

Anal play for stratight men has traditionally not been that popular as there were connotations about being ‘gay’ if you liked anal stimulation as a man. Thankfully, by 2022 anal play for straight men is now commonplace and the list of toys to indulge are growing.

There are small, specifically shaped toys to hit the spot with wide bases to stop them being able to slip inside. Then you move on to larger toys with remotes and even stainless double enders.

Stainless Prostate Massager & Dildo

Stainless Prostate Massager & Dildo

The prostate can be stimulated while you are masturbating, or during sex where you can have your own anal extra fun going on. You can get super-hard, completely turned on and she can get involved with you to further increase orgasm pleasure. Due to their shapes most can be inserted and left inside (check your toy has a large flat base to avoid any chance of it being pushed up).

Silicone Butt Plug Prostate Massager

Silicone Butt Plug Prostate Massager

It is a whole new world to some who are realising that there is a pleasure zone just ready and waiting to add a new dimension to solo or couples play. If it is good enough for her, why not good enough for him?

Remote Control Prostate Massager

Remote Control Prostate Massager

chapter 5:

Pocket Pussy – Sex Toys For Men

The pocket pussy is what it sounds like.

A pussy that is small enough (sort of) to put in your pocket (if you had clown pockets – pun intended).

pocket pussy

They can be sold as a stamina training unit or just a plain old pleasure palace just in a smaller form factor. The texture of these is everything; quality feel similar to the bigger sex toys, with the real-feel outer and inner. The inner is where you want to concentrate for your pocket pussy as the outer is normally just a plastic holder so purely practical.

Now the term pocket pussy makes it sound like you would be taking it around with you when you are out and about which is unlikely. Perhaps more likely, is the size makes it easy to handle, store away from prying eyes, and keep ready for when you are. Simplicity is the key with these; small, easy to store and clean, low cost and yet you can have a pussy and ass in the double ended toys.

Pocket Pussy Butt Plastic holder

Pocket Pussy Butt Plastic holder


Some have full length inserts up to 6 or 7 inches which will accommodate full thrusting for most men and being able to get your whole cock in. Some are a little less deep and act more like a masturbator as you push your cock through from the pussy or ass end. The fact that the toy is open ended means you are not having suction applied to your cock and so is similar to an assisted wank.

Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussy

You can use the pussy end for a larger entrance, and the anal end for a much tighter feeling. The internals are patterned to give you a different stimulation at each end. The soft material and texture inside is giving your old fella a different experience in a discreet economical package.

Lube is a must, cleaning is a breeze as you can wash them through in a minute and storage is easy to find a secret place that is accessible but secret.

chapter 6:

Male Masturbators – Sex Toys For Men

There is a lot to look at here, literally thousands of products.

First the basics. What is a masturbator? Well you will not be surprised with this one, in that a mastubator is designed to masturbate you. I know, who would have thought?

However that is where the simplicity ends as there are many different styles.

Male Masturbator

First of all, the masturbator can be designed as oral, vaginal or anal openings to you have the choice of up top, down front or round the back. The materials used in masturbators are the same as in the mainstream toys so you get the same quality as the larger toys but in a bigger package than the pocket pussies.

Stamina Male Masturbator

Stamina Male Masturbator

The masturbators are designed to give you a thrill like all of the sex toys here, and they come with some really clever special designs to maximise the thrills. One of the kings of the masturbator is undoubtedly the Fleshlight. It has been in this market a long time and continues to impress with its range, quality and ingenuity. At last count there are over 1000 Fleshlight products. That is absolutely huge!

The fleshlight has become a leader in the field with its original product that comes in what is cunningly disguised as a torch, but with a flesh inner. Hence flesh light as opposed to flash light. The plastic holder allows a secure fit of your sleeve inside and you can enjoy your oral, vaginal or anal pleasure from there. The holder gives a rigidity to the toy that allows for vigorous play. But that is just the start of the range here. The fleshlights come with the ability to attach the holder to a wall (marketed as use in the shower) which makes it about 100% more practical than actual sex in the shower. 

They come in clear or skin colours and have the range of patterns inside to which there is no rival. Seriously they have a massive range of pattern inserts that include the internal patterns of porn stars – both male and female.

Yep. You can buy a fleshlight with the internals that feel like your favourite porn girls vagina or your favourite porn guys ass. Time to get fruity.

So what is special about the Fleshlight range? As in, why are they so big, so popular? The range has everything you could wish for. Every style, in every colour, in every pornstar. 

Secondly they have been using the plastic holder come canister idea which works as a holder and hider. You can put the toy away in the discreet plastic capsule and it stops glaring ‘SEX TOY’. Not so great if someone is looking for a torch, but you can find somewhere discreet to hide it as it is a hideable size. It is ready to use from last time when you have washed and put it away, just unscrew the cap and you are away so instant thrills await.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

Thirdly, they have been around for a long time and bring a quality based on user feedback and product innovation to ensure the products they are offering today are not only as good as they can be, but address the things that are important to you. It is not just about feel, there are other factors at play:

  • ease of use – simple and easy is best
  • how easy cleaning is – soaping the insides and rinsing
  • how discreet it is – can i hide it?
  • its longevity – quality lasts
  • size – making sure you can get fully ‘in’
  • choice – find me something that i want
  • flexibility – mix and match the individual parts

Feel – the ‘biggie’. Using the cap on the end of the tube you can adjust from taking the cap off and having a ‘straight through experience’ with no suction or you can put the cap on and have a suction experience. This is fully adjustable as you can fully tighten the cap and have a suction that will have never experienced before. I can guarantee that.

And then you can adjust the cap and unscrew it until the suction is about right for you (and adjust as you go) to make a tailored experience throughout. 

Add these together and you have the reason that Fleshlights are so popular as they ‘tick’ all of these boxes

Quickshot Turbo Essential Pack

Quickshot Turbo Essential Pack

Usual rules apply, plenty of lube, wash well with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly to ensure you have a clean ‘go to’ toy for next time.

chapter 7:

Penis Extenders – Sex Toys For Men

What is it? Well again, this is one you can guess.

It is to add some extra length or girth to your manhood.

penis extender

Now remember that the nerve endings for a woman are only on the first couple of inches, so length is not the same as girth when it comes to stimulation. When it comes to cocks, fatter would appear to be better than longer.

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat 5.5 Inch Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat 5.5 Inch Penis Sleeve with Ball Loop

Even so, you may want to experiment with both fatter and longer to see how that affects your sexplay. Why not? There is no harm in trying something out to see how it affects your bedroom antics right?

They come with extra inches so you slide your cock in to them to allow a tighter stimulation to her lengthwise or widthwise and see if the extra fit works.

Some of these come with ball holders to keep them secure in place and offer an internal stimulation to the wearer with an internal pattern to provide a little ooh la la when using it.

Want an extra two inches?

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 2 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 2 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Coming in soft and offering both the wearer and the recipient extra sensation it could become a new ‘must’ in the toy drawer.

Why not an extra three inches?

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Lovehoney Mega Mighty 3 Extra Inches Penis Extender with Ball Loop

chapter 8:

Male Vibrators – Sex Toys For Men

A male vibrator uses vibration as part of the stimulation and requires power to create the sensations and is normally something you put your cock into and feel the pulsations driven from the vibration through the toy to your cock, balls and insides.

male vibrator

The inside stimulation is the key as when you cum, the act of the sperm leaving you is not the orgasm. That is the result, the orgasm is deep inside and that can be stimulated by a male vibrator. You still orgasm and cum but the orgasm comes from a different place and you can widen your horizons (no pun intended).

So to achieve the waves of pleasure, there is either a built-in vibrating mechanism in the body of the toy or a vibrating ‘bullet’ that you insert in to the sleeve to provide the buzz. The ‘vibrating bullets’ are so called as they are roughly the same size and come with a tapered end, looking like a bullet. The removable nature of the bullet makes the toys easy to clean, replace removable batteries and re-use a bullet for movable toys.


Blow Job Stroker

Blow Job Stroker

Toys with built-in mechanisms are rechargeable with charging cables provided to charge the built in battery and power the vibration technology.

The rechargeable technology provides control over how much and how often ‘buzz’ you get. Everything is personal as to how much stimulation you want, and you can often want less or more depending on your mood, and change it as you become more turned on.

Warming Male Masturbator

Warming Male Masturbator

Having different speeds and patterns or programs of how the vibrators pulse, buzz and how strong allows you control over the experience. 

With the bullet ‘basic’ models you tend to get on/off and a fixed buzz, but there are more models that offer differing speeds to suit your mood and help you up the ante as you wish when playing. 

The male vibrators are marketed as ‘solo play’ or ‘couples play’, however there are some designed to be used as a shared vibrator. You can actually use the vibrator to work between you and your partner and provide vibrations down your cock and through her pussy. A true ‘double whammy’.

Vibrating Male Stroker

Vibrating Male Stroker

chapter 9:

Realistic Vaginas – Sex Toys For Men

What about realistic vaginas?

Well, this is the closest thing to sex you are going to get.

Some say even better than the real thing.

realistic vaginas

The abiltity to be in charge of frequency, speed, depth and just actually being in charge are very powerful factors in the sexual experience you have when it is all on your own terms. The ability to control when, how, the sort of experience you want, and how you want it are incredibly powerful. It puts men back in charge of sex, even when your partner may not be interested.

The realistic vagina refers to the look and feel of the vagina toys, the reality is that they come in a multitude of forms. Since we have covered dolls and torsos already, we are looking at standalone vagina toys here. 

The first is the soft toy vagina with realistic labia and able to take a complete shaft with a tight patterned inside to stimulate as you penetrate. 

Fleshlight Vagina

Fleshlight Vagina

The second type is the fleshlight vagina which is a soft toy but in the plastic housing to provide grip and sturdiness plus the end cap to provide differing levels of suction. These come with different optional accessories such as the shower mount to let you go wild and warmers to ensure a nice snug ready-to-go experience. 

They come in smaller form factors covered in the pocket pussy section and larger full-sized versions but still just the pussy part, making them easy to use, manage and affordable. They are sealed at one end to provide more suction and feeling and provide as good, if not better (depending on how much / how good your sex is right now) than real sex feeling.

Vagina and Ass Double-Ended Cup

Vagina and Ass Double-Ended Cup

Definitely offers thrills for value.

chapter 10:

Realistic Butts – Sex Toys For Men

The ass experience sex toy is once again well-catered for.

You can get tight fitting standalone ass toys similar to the realistic vagina but for the rear.

realistic butt

You can get ass toys in plastic surrounds with the feature of adjustable suction to ensure it grips nicely but doesn’t pull your eyes out.

Ribbed and Dotted Ass Cup

Ribbed and Dotted Ass Cup

Add the soft material and ribbed pattern and you have a small package that works.

Fleshlight Butt Riley Reid

Fleshlight Butt Riley Reid

However. You might be all about the rump rather than the feel. The visual delight of that butt jiggling as you are pounding away adds a fantastic dimension. When you want to feel the soft fleshiness of the ass, with a weighty feel you can get the ass with vagina. 

A decent weighted toy that sits well with the perfect rump and real-feel skin and taught jiggling as you go from behind. Each hole with patterns to make you feel every bump you get to feel the butt cheeks pushing into you and squeezing around your body on each stroke.

Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator 7kg

Ribbed Vagina and Ass Masturbator 7kg

The larger vagina ass combination is going to cost you more for sure, but you get a realistic touch, soft feeling, weighted doggy style feast for the eyes that is absolutely worth it. You can be watching your favourite entertainment and use this toy to really feel like you are the person on screen. The size, weight and quality of the toy will enable your mind to be transported and the experience is like you are the person on screen.

chapter 11:

Penis Pumps – Sex Toys For Men

The penis pump has been around for as long as sex toys have.

Firstly let’s say the purpose of a penis pump is to create an erection or create a bigger stronger erection.

penis pump

A lot of men are using a penis pump to increase an already big cock. So those genetically blessed are able to make their cock even bigger. There are ranges for men with cocks ‘pre-pump’ of 7 inches or more and then the pump aims to extend length and girth.

There are ranges for men with ‘pre-pump’ sizes of 5-7 inches and 3-5 inches so there is something out there for everyone. The penis pump idea is pretty simple; it is a tube with a suction bulb on the top and you put your penis in the bottom and a vacuum is created.

Some use air, some use water to provide suction when you put your penis in to increase the blood flow to your penis through the suction and you can increase the length and girth. I say ‘can’ as it does not appear to work for everyone, and, crucially, it is accepted that the effects are always temporary. So you may see increases for some time after pumping but the effects appear to subside after a matter of hours.

Penis Pump

Penis Pump

The penis pump can be used for pleasure too, some come with ribs and provide a strong sensation of being sucked off, with the bulb able to increase and decrease pressure as you wish. 

The penis pump can be used for those where a natural erection to fully hard is not always possible. The pump can assist you to get to fully erect through the sensations and some come with cock rings to maintain that hard erection once achieved.

chapter 12:

Blow Job Toys – Sex Toys For Men

The blow job toy is a manual device you insert into or a powered device designed to go down on you to emulate a blow job.

Blow Job Toy

One style of blow job toy is a mouth toy with teeth and tongue and a long cavity to provide those deepthroats – so emulating a mouth. 

Blow Job Toys

Blow Job Toys

Secondly you have the experience inside a plastic tube and patterns inside the material to provide the feeling of the blow job rather than the look.

Fleshlight Blow Job

Fleshlight Blow Job

And then you can go up the scale to have the apparatus that has handles and the insert to go up and down on you with controllable length of stroke and speed for a more automated experience.

Blow Job Machine

Blow Job Machine

Being in charge of your blow job can be an intoxicating experience. The realistic mouths have lips that are slightly shut, meaning you push them apart as your cock goes in. You are very much in charge of the foreplay of the thing, teasing yourself and when ready can go full plunge. The teeth in some of the toys are quite soft so they stimulate but don’t bite. 

The realistic mouths and tube designs are easy to use, hide and clean and are always ready to go. The automated version is a little more effort but provides an experience that feels much more like someone else is in charge giving you a blow job rather than you being in charge getting a blow job.


chapter 13:

Care and Maintenance – Sex Toys For Men

OK, so to keep your toys clean, experience the best from them and to ensure you protect your toys lifetime you need to follow some pretty basic rules:

Care and Maintenance
  • Where there is no electricals, clean well with warm soapy water, rinse really well and leave to dry where water can escape (i.e. upside down)
  • Where there are electricals, check to see if waterproof and the instructions advises washing the whole unit clean well with warm soapy water, rinse really well and leave to dry where water can escape (i.e. upside down)
  • Where the unit is not waterproof, you will need to remove the insert itself and clean well with warm soapy water, rinse really well and leave to dry where water can escape (i.e. upside down)
  • Lube is a must for every toy. Going in dry is going to hurt and cause irritation and other lubricants do not do the same job as proper sex toy lube. It will allow you to slide in, create a better experience, stimulate more and make the whole session safe and enjoyable. Lube, plenty of it, every time
Sex Toy Lube

Sex Toy Lube

  • Renewing powder for toys does a great job to restore the material to the original feel and is both cheap and extremely easy to use. It is something that may be overlooked, but will ensure you have the best experience from your toy investments
Renewer Powder

Renewer Powder


chapter 14:

Conclusion – Sex Toys For Men

Sex toys for men are mind-blowing in both the range and quality you can now obtain to fulfil your fantasy.

Nothing is impossible now, and the best male sex toys are in reach of most budgets (you might have to save up a bit for that special sex doll!).

Not every partner is going to welcome you having sex toys, and for that situation there are discrete toys you can keep hidden. If your partner wants to join in the sky is the limit. A sex doll could be the threesome you wanted but she was unsure about. A nice safe but exciting way to try out the mechanics of how the 3 way would work.

Sex toys for men now match and exceed the breadth and depth than for women, what a world of choice.

Bring it on !